Improving Information Accessibility with Sign Language First Technology

Project Summary: We investigate how we can create user interfaces in American Sign Language, without reliance on English for Deaf Users in Educational and Work Contexts. This research is conducted with close collaboration with The ASL Education Center (AEC)


ASL-Centric Surveys

  • [1]Shruti Mahajan, Zoey Walker, Rachel Boll, Ally Salvino, Michael Westfort, Jeanne Reis, Erin Solovey, "Towards Sign Language-Centric Design of ASL Survey Tools", CHI ’22 [Honorable Mention for Best Paper!!] [Paper Link]

  • Future of ASL Inclusive Work Tools

  • [2]Shruti Mahajan, Khulood Alkhudaidi, Rachel Boll, Jeanne Reis, Erin Solovey, "Role of Technology in Increasing Representation of Deaf Individuals in Future STEM Workplaces", CHIWORK ’22 [Paper Link]

  • [3] Rachel Boll, Shruti Mahajan, Jeanne Reis, Erin Solovey,Creating questionnaires that align with ASL linguistic principles and cultural practices within the Deaf community, ASSETS 2020: ACM SIGACCESS Conference on Computers and Accessibility, 2019 [Paper Link]

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