Touch Sensitive Knitted Sensors: Designing Interaction and Applications

Project Summary: In this project we investigate applications and design interacts around fabrics of the future. The fabric that we study has been developed at the Center for Functional Fabrics Lab in Drexel University

Publications and Projects

Interaction Design

  • [1] Denisa Qori McDonald, Shruti Mahajan, Richard Vallett, Erin Solovey, Genevieve Dion, Ali Shokoufandeh, "Interaction with Touch-Sensitive Knitted Fabrics: User Perceptions and Everyday Use Experiments", CHI ’22 [Paper Link]

  • CozyChat: Augmented Reality and Fabrics (In Collaboration with Snap Research)

  • [2]Shruti Mahajan, Denisa Qori McDonald, Richard Vallett, Fannie Lui, Gillian Smith, Erin Solovey "Concept Design for Family Well-being with Knitted Touch Sensors and Augmented Reality", TANGIBLE INTERACTION FOR WELL-BEING Exploring the role of technology for supporting well-being in post-pandemic futures, CHI 2022 Workshop [Paper Link]

  • [3]Shruti Mahajan, Denisa Qori McDonald, Richard Vallett, Fannie Lui, Erin Solovey "Exploring Use of AR and Soft Knitted Sensor Technology for Co-located Parent-Child Quality Time", TECHNOLOGIES FOR CHILDREN AT HOME Exploring Ways To Support Caregivers With Child-friendly Media Technologies For The Home, ACM GROUP 2022 Workshop [Paper Link]

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